Monday, January 2, 2012

On The Bird Is On The March!


2012 is going to be our year.

Things are looking up every day for On The Bird Publishing. Our sales are increasing. More and more review bloggers are raving about our work. And our readership increases by the day as readers, bloggers, and published authors come to understand that we are serious about changing the image of self-publishers and indie writers.

We currently have two books and a short story available for purchase, and this year should see the completion of at least 2 more books (the second volumes in the Weaver Saga and Legal Fiction Series, respectively). We've come a long way in a very short time -- but we have a very long way still to go. And to get there, we need your help.

Here's What You Can Do!
-Tell people about us! Do a Facebook post, blog post, Tweet, G+ post -- we're not picky!
-Become a member using the "Join This Site" widget to the right.
-Read the samples of our work. If you like them, send the links to your friends.
-If you run a blog, John would love to guest-post / interview / have you review one of his books! We're actively seeking out bloggers to help us spread the word, but you're welcome to come to us, too! (He's scheduled to appear at Gypsy Shadow Publishing on the 9th, by the way.)
-Buy a book! Atticus and The Antlerbury Tales are 99 cents each, and Weaver is currently FREE on Smashwords with coupon code BY83E.
-If you've already read one of John's books, please leave a review -- particularly on This is very important even if you don't run a review blog.

We are a scrappy, from-the-ground-up organization! If we're going to succeed, it will be at the grassroots. Join us, and let's write the next great indie success story.

Happy New Year,

John Abramowitz

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