Friday, October 19, 2012

Sanity Vacuum cover reveal!

Ladies and gentlemen-

My good friend and colleague, Thea Isis Gregory (that'd be the pretty lady to the right) is releasing a new book just in time for the Christmas holidays! Taking a break from her usual zombie fare, she's unleashing a space sci-fi novel called Sanity Vacuum upon the world!

My job today (and I've chosen to accept it) is to help her drive her readers crazy tantalize her readers by providing a sneak peek at the cover!

And so, without further ado...


Isn't it a beaut? Here's some info about the book.

The Premise:
Vivian Skye just finished university, and qualified for her first-choice internship. Not many would consider the distant and isolated Extra-Galactic Observatory cushy, but it's a dream come true for Vivian. Hailing from the low-tech planet of Aurora, she studied hard for this opportunity--and to leave her old life, and planet behind.

Her assignment is simple: perform a routine upgrade for the station's supercomputer, quIRK. Her reception isn't a friendly one, and eccentric quIRK becomes her only friend. However, the station's administrator, Bryce Zimmer is obsessed with quIRK--he suspects that the station's computer may have achieved sentience, something explicitly prohibited by the ABACUS Protocol. Compounding their issues, Bryce's traumatic and privileged past makes him distrust Vivian from the beginning. Desperate to keep control, he sabotages quIRK in order to eliminate Vivian. But, his plan threatens to consume the entire station and send them into the unknown void of intergalactic space.

Vivian must struggle to survive not only Bryce's megalomania, but also the emerging artificial super intelligence that is quIRK. Can Vivian and quIRK learn to trust each other and work together, before it's too late?

Sounds like fun, no?

Meanwhile, here's some info on Thea herself:

Thea Gregory is a firm girl from English Western Quebec, a total nerd, and she loves science fiction, zombies and physics. Between marathon cooking sessions, her clerktastic day job, and part time studies, she manages to find time to write. Author of the Zombie Bedtime Stories, her debut sci-fi novel, Sanity Vacuum, releases December 6, 2012. Thea's blog can be found at

So, in summary, I'm super-excited about this one, and you should be too. Tell all your friends about the gorgeous cover! Let's help make Thea's release day a success!