John Around The Internet

John's interview with Ricochet Reviews.
"My First Rule of Writing" on the blog of esteemed (or e-steam-ed?) steampunk author Lindsay Buroker
"Vampires and Drunk Driving" on the blog of excellent zombie author Angela Scott. (You have to scroll down a bit to get to it.)
"So, What Are We Gonna Do Tomorrow Night, Brain,"  on the blog of American-Horror-Story-obsessed Bookalicious Pam.
John sits down with Moonlit Dreams.
"Supernaturals and the Law" on Book Briefs.
"My Biggest Hurdle" on Urban Fantasy Reviews.
"Nobody Expects The Zombie Inquisition" on zombie author Thea Gregory's blog.
"It Takes A Village To Write A Novel" on author Stephen Ormsby's blog.
John sits down with Angela Scott, author of the upcoming Zombie West series.
John sits down with Indie Book Spot.
John sits down with Ashley Barron
"Keeping the Ball Rolling" on the blog of UK author Ella Medler.
John sits down with UK book blogger Sharon Goodwin
"What Is The Weaver Saga" on the Once Upon A Twilight book review blog.
A Tale of Two Novels, on the blog of zombie author Thea Gregory.
John sits down with Danielle, of
John sits down with Indie Author News
Interview with FBI Agent Moira McBain, one of the stars of The Weaver Saga, on The Cabin Goddess's blog.
"Act Your Age" on the blog Glow's Novel Addiction
"Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Brains" on MAJK Ink

More to come.


  1. Will do a review for Atticus on Amazon and Goodreads. Would you like me to put Atticus on my "Other Indies" page on my website? It is self published, right?

  2. Yes and yes!

    Hope you enjoy(ed) it!