Monday, January 9, 2012

Book Bloggers

This is an entry in two parts.

First, I wanted to update everyone on what's going on with The Void, Book 2 in The Weaver Saga. I had hoped to have the manuscript finished by the end of this month, in preparation for a March release. However, this has proven to be an extraordinarily difficult book to write, and it has become clear to me that that's just not going to happen. (The only way I could have made it happen was by breaking my Indie Writer's Pledge of Quality, which I refuse to do.) So, my goal now is to have the manuscript finished by the end of next month, with a release anticipated in either April (hopefully) or May (worst case).

I am sorry for this delay, but as always, I would rather put out a good book late than a bad book early.

And now, part two, from which this entry draws its title!

I have a question about book bloggers. First of all, I'm sorry to tell you that this entry will have nothing to say on the recent author/blogger drama that's apparently been running around the intertubes. Rather, I have a question, and here it is:

Should I give review bloggers an acknowledgment in my books?

I struggled mightily with this during the writing of Atticus. On the one hand, the bloggers are investing hours of their life in reading my books and writing reviews about those books, a task for which they receive no compensation. Since On The Bird has limited funding, their reviews are generally my primary means of spreading the word about my books, so they're helping me in that respect, too. And in the case of Atticus specifically, a number of blogs (Ricochet ReviewsCandy's RavesMoonlit Dreams and Whimsy Writing) agreed to bump my book and its review up their schedule to accomodate my planned release date.

To say I feel a debt of gratitude for all these things is to greatly understate the case.

The problem is that I don't want it to look in any way like there was a quid pro quo. I don't want there to be even a chance that anyone might think that the reviews were based on anything but the bloggers' honest feelings about my books. This could be very damaging both to my fledgling reputation as an author, and to their integrity as bloggers. So, thus far, I have avoided listing them in the acknowledgments section.

So now I'm asking you guys to be the Indie Author Ethics Committee. What do you think? Acknowledgments okay, or would it look improper?


  1. Hmm, this is a tough one. I think thanking Beta readers is a yes, always. But reviewers, now you're getting into a grey area, as you note. Perhaps blurbing (yep, I just made that a verb) some reviews you particularly liked would be a better way to go. Also, I think acknowledgments like this one here on your blog are certainly appreciated and far less likely to evoke cries of "wrongdoing."

  2. Definitely no on the acknowledgment in your books... Professional authors don't acknowledge their reviewers in their books and neither should you. Take it from a published author who works in publishing. Good work so far, though and keep it up!


  3. No on the aknowledgment for the reviews. Doesn't look professional.

  4. Glad I haven't been doing it, then :)

  5. This: "Perhaps blurbing (yep, I just made that a verb) some reviews you particularly liked would be a better way to go."

    That helps you (social proof) and gives a nod to the reviewer. Though with ebooks, you don't really want to use up sample-page space at the beginning with that sort of thing, so maybe put them on your product description page on Amazon, B&N, etc. (You might already be doing this; I haven't checked lately.)

    1. That is, in fact, EXACTLY why I don't blurb. I should add them to my product pages on Amazon and B&N, good idea!