Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Treat For The Fans

All right, folks, this is a little treat for those of you who already like and enjoy my books. As I've mentioned, The Void, Book 2 in The Weaver Saga is currently in production, and sitting at around 11k words. It doesn't go live until April, but I'm betting some of you out there are chomping at the bit to know what happens. As such, we're going to have a little giveaway contest -- with Chapter 1 of the book as the prize.

Here's how it works: my most recent book is Atticus for the Undead, Book 1 of The Legal Fiction Series. It's selling reasonably well, but I'd like to help it do even better. So here's how we can both get what we want.

Starting now (Midnight 1/18/2012), you have 72 hours to convince 2 friends to pick up Atticus (or, if you haven't already gotten a copy, pick it up yourself and convince one friend). Once you have done so, leave a comment on this post. Anyone who succeeds in this task will receive Chapter 1 of The Void, by e-mail, for free. We're on the honor system, here, so please don't cheat.

The contest ends at the stroke of midnight on January 21, 2012.

Everybody ready? On your marks ... get set ...

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