Sunday, January 29, 2012


Friends -
Of late, The Void and legal work and a mysterious new project have formed an Axis of Exhaustion that has left me too wiped out to write witty blog posts. Since it's an open question how witty I am on a normal day, this means that if I tried to write one in my current (very tired, practically falling over) state, you might be subjected to true drivel!

To spare you that horrible fate, I thought I'd use this post to earn some good will in the writer community.

Fellow author Jodi Meadows has been a friend to me and to On The Bird. Her debut novel, Incarnate, is set to launch on TUESDAY!! It looks like it should be an excellent book and will be particularly interesting to those of you who are looking for a new and unique take on reincarnation. I'm planning to pick it up on Tuesday, myself, and read it as my celebration for finishing principal writing work on The Void.

So this post, though not at all witty, will let me do my good deed for the day, possibly introduce some of you to what is sure to be a great book, and earn some brownie points with Jodi. (Though I confess, I'm mostly helping her because I have a soft spot for her ferrets.)

So, without further ado, I give you a link to Jodi's page about Incarnate!

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