Monday, December 26, 2011

Ring In The New Year With On The Bird!


Exciting news!

As it turns out, I'll be going on something of an impromptu blog tour throughout the month of January, and it starts today!

I sat down for an interview with Moonlit It was great fun, though Christine seems to have identified my potential for taking over the world. >..>

Gotta watch out for that one!

On January 9-17, I'll be appearing on the blog of Liz Newman, who runs Gypsy Shadow Publishing.

I also have reviews of Weaver and Atticus popping up on My Mercurial Musings. Dates TBA.

And possibly one or two other stops, but I need to finalize those first.

Oh, and for extra fun, check out the guest post at Book Briefs, in which Congressman Hoyt Boone mounts a spirited defense of the Post Unveiling Tort Reform Act ("PUTRA")..

Think that will keep you guys busy while I finish writing The Void (currently sitting at 10k words, btw)?

Hope everyone had a good holiday.


John A

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