Saturday, October 15, 2011


So, as you may have guessed, I'm a regular watcher of this show, and last night's episode was just ... wow.

[Warning, spoilers]

Point the first: John Noble deserves like a dozen Emmys for this show. He's just astounding.
Point the second: So Walter and Nina dislike each other, while Nina and Olivia have a mother-daughter sort of relationship in this continuity. They were developing Nina into a sort of mother figure or parallel for Olivia in the previous timeline as well, but this time it's apparently official --  she remembers Olivia getting asked to prom? Meanwhile, Olivia now apparently remembers being experimented on as a child?
Point the third: I thought a large portion of Olivia's default distrust  came from her family life. But if Nina was a surrogate mother in this timeline, wouldn't that have warmed her up some? I see two possibilities. Either 1.) killing her stepfather (!!!) was a wound that ran too deep for the healing, or 2.) Nina didn't TRY to make her a warmer or more trusting person, and may in fact have encouraged her paranoid instincts. Given the lecture we saw her giving on "what Massive Dynamic cares about," I suspect the second. I <3 my manipulative bitch. :)
Point the fourth: So Peter is the reason that Walter didn't become a germ-o-phobe in the previous continuity?
Point the fifth: PETER!!!!!

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