Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Exciting news about [REDACTED]

So, I have decided that when my awesome new cover artist (no, really, folks, he's pretty rockin', you should check him out here) finishes the cover for [REDACTED], I'm going to end (some of) the suspense surrounding the new book!

What does that mean, exactly?

It means that I will upload the cover image onto this very blog, as well as reveal the title of the book, AND post the Prologue and first chapter here for everyone to read, free of charge. Just to whet your little appetites, and everything.

I'm working as hard as I can to finish this thing  (23,675 words, and I've actually written many more when you count all the re-writing) and I anticipate a mid-to-late November release date. You can read it while recovering from overstuffing on Thanksgiving turkey. :D

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