Friday, December 2, 2011

Your input is wanted!

At the moment, I'm starting work on the second volume of The Weaver Saga, which is currently sitting at around 2,000 words. I'd like to get people excited about it for when it does go live (probably in March of 2012).

To get people excited to read Weaver 2, though, first we have to let them know about Weaver itself. To that end, I'm contemplating making it free for another week on Smashwords (as I did the week that Atticus went live) to encourage people to pick it up and read it.

If I did that, would you be willing and have the time to read it and post an honest review on Amazon? (Note that I said "honest," not necessarily positive.) Getting more people talking about the book would probably get more people reading the book. Thus, you'd get a good story and I'd get a larger following for my next novel.

What do you folks say? You up for it?

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