Monday, August 8, 2011

Yes yes, without the oops. That-a-way!

So, my blog has been about as sleepy as I've been lately. In the hopes of spicing things up, I've decided to put a little information about myself here:

John Abramowitz was born and raised in Texas, and educated in Iowa.

John Abramowitz, therefore, likes both barbecue and corn, to keep on good terms with both of his home states.

John Abramowitz is a unique combination of an egalitarian idealist and a Southern gentleman.

John Abramowitz is a mild-mannered lawyer by day and wild party boy writer by night.

John Abramowitz made this blog to promote his writing projects, starting with his forthcoming science fiction novel, Weaver.

John Abramowitz thinks that the only parts of that last sentence that were true are that he is a lawyer and writer.

John Abramowitz spends altogether too much time watching campy science fiction and fantasy television.

John Abramowitz feels silly talking about himself in the third person this way, as it suggests a pretentious quality that he normally eschews.

John Abramowitz fears that the number of big words in that last sentence do nothing to dispel the impression that he is pretentious.

John Abramowitz doesn't want to admit that he may or may not be writing this post for the sole purpose of getting hits on Google.

John Abramowitz will admit, however, that he got the idea to do the post this way from his good buddy Geoff.

John Abramowitz hopes to one day be a Big Damn Hero

And, finally,

John Abramowitz gives massive points to anyone who got the reference above.

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  1. Inquiring minds want to hear all about your wild partying author life style. Especially those inquiring minds who are far enough away that you can't spill your booze on them.

    -t.o. Aster