Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Pace-maker

So, several of you have contacted me to offer your commentary on Weaver. I have found all of it very helpful, but this entry is to address one particular piece of criticism. Several of you have told me that, while enjoying the novel overall, you felt that the pacing of it was off somehow. My response to which is:

You're right.

The pacing is off. This is a function of me adapting to a new method of storytelling. Up until now, I've told stories in what I call "serial short" format -- with a bunch of short stories serving as "episodes" in larger overarching plotlines. So, basically, much more similar to the way a TV show might do things. This is my first real experience in doing things in a novel format, and you folks are right that I haven't gotten the pacing down yet.

Having said that? Stay with me. If you like the other aspects of what I do -- the characters and relationships and scene-setting and suspense and dialogue -- then hold on a little longer. I wasn't perfect as a GM when I started doing that, nor at making serial fiction when I started doing that. But one thing I am good at is learning from my mistakes. Like the stories themselves, my writing style is a work in progress.

But there are good things on the horizon. :)

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