Saturday, August 20, 2011

Weaver and what's next

So, Weaver has been live for about 1.5 weeks now. This means that my first few buyers have had some time to read, digest, and contemplate.

As such, John Abramowitz would like to ask you to share your thoughts on his novel. John Abramowitz has been telling stories in some form for quite some time now, but they've mostly been either RPGs or serial fiction. A novel is a completely different beast, and writing one has taught John Abramowitz that it poses some unique challenges. So, let him know how he's holding up.

(John Abramowitz also cringes at referring to himself in the third person this much. He apologizes for seeming pretentious, and promises that once Google is good and starts picking up his blog, he will stop.)

John Abramowitz would also like you to know that he is hard at work on the next thing. Not the next Weaver novel yet -- he wants to let the outline for that simmer a bit more in his head so he can flesh out some of the details before he starts writing. Instead, John Abramowitz is at work on a short story called The Antlerbury  Tales. It would be finished already, but John Abramowitz has been deluged with legal work lately. John Abramowitz finds this relieving because it means he can pay his rent, but it has left him with little time to write.

As it is, John Abramowitz thinks you should expect to see it go live in 2-3 more weeks.


  1. You should be fine on Google name recognition at this point. It just takes their programs a few days to pick up on new websites, and then a little longer to confirm that you're a real site that actually updates. The more frequent and regular the content and traffic, the further up it'll get pushed in the results for "John Abramowitz."

  2. Also, John, might I suggest using the 1st-person singular form rather than the 3rd person?

  3. John Abramowitz has no idea what you are talking about!