Wednesday, June 13, 2012

On The Bird To Host Rhiannon Frater on June 30!


I am delighted to announce that On The Bird Publishing's scheduling department (composed of one incredibly tall and wickedly handsome Texan who I hear is a pretty good writer, too) has booked Rhiannon Frater, author of the much-acclaimed As The World Dies trilogy, to appear on this very blog! On June 30th, she'll join us for an interview as she promotes her newly-released book The Last Bastion of the Living.

Ms. Frater will discuss her current projects, her feelings about KDP Select, and our mutual love of Joss Whedon (!!!), among other things.

I hope you'll all join us for her appearance on the 30th! In the meantime, check out her website and see what she's up to!

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