Saturday, May 19, 2012

Why Should YOU Read THE VOID?

I'll let Miranda Wheeler over at Ricochet Reviews say it for me. Here is an excerpt from her 5-star review of the book.

"Overall, it was a great read! Fast-paced, fascinating, creative, and curious, the entire novel sped through an insanely unique plot - pulling old and new enemies into the storm and slicing the work up with an intense journey, darker creatures (zombies, Xorda, and wolves - oh my!) graver circumstances, worse consequences, and an epic cliff-hanger ending. Trust me, while The Void is a definite must-read - its definitely not somewhere you want to be." (Emphasis mine.)

You can find the full review here! Thanks to Miranda for taking the time to read it and compose her thoughts, and for understanding what I wanted the book to be.

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