Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So what's next?


It may sound a touch absurd to be discussing my next book/project when I haven't even launched The Void yet, but that's how I roll. So what is that next project, you might ask? As you might be expecting, I can't tell you. But what you may not be expecting is why I can't tell you.

Quite simply, I can't tell you what my next project is because I don't know.

That isn't to say I have no ideas. Far from it. I have ideas for no less than three potential new series in the pan. Each lights up different pleasure centers in my brain, and I'm sure any one of them would be thrilling to write. So what's the problem, you ask? The problem is that I can't get any of them quite to the point where I'm ready to start writing them yet. I've been doing plotting for all three, on and off, since about 48 hours after I finished principal writing work on The Void. But in each case, something is wrong. In each case, there's a roadblock -- some vital element that I can't get my mind around or that won't fall into place the way I want it to.

So I continue to plot, and plan, and read other authors' work in my spare time. It's nice to be a consumer of fiction every now and then rather than a creator of it. Also, I'm hoping that something in their words might inspire me, and fill in that last piece of the puzzle.

So, here's where things stand: The only other book I'm promising this year is Identity Theft (Legal Fiction #2), which I'm hoping to have out this fall. That does not, however, mean that that's the only other entertainment you'll get from me this year -- the other projects were never intended to be books. They are being designed as serials. I will continue to develop each of those universes if and as ideas for it come to me. If one of the worlds hasn't fallen completely into place in about two more weeks, I'm just going to start writing Identity Theft -- aside from editing The Void, I haven't put pen to paper in about 3 weeks now and am starting to get guilty conscience.

In the meantime, keep telling your friends about The Void. The more hype we can build up by release day, the better. And remind them that Weaver is free on most platforms (except Amazon, which won't price-match). And keep watching this blog for updates.

Good things are coming soon.

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