Thursday, February 23, 2012

More sightings around the internet!

We're showing up in a few more places today.

First of all, Lindsey Clarke, author of the Dark Sanctuary series, joins the growing list of authors and bloggers raving about Atticus for the Undead. To wit:

"I found the concept really interesting, captivating, fresh and the book was an easy, enjoyable, page-turner from start to finish... If you want to read a paranormal story that is refreshingly...well....human..... then this could just
be the one for you."

The full review can be found here. And you can now borrow Atticus from the Kindle Lending Library!

John also sat down for an interview recently with On The Bird friend and fellow author Angela Scott. (By the way, folks, her debut novel, Wanted: Dead or Undead, should be ready next month.) See what he had to say!

New writing-related content coming this weekend!

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