Friday, November 18, 2011

John Guest-Blogs!

That's right, I did -- on the website of the very-talented Lindsay Buroker! See what I had to say here.

(Oh, and feel free to pick up some of her books while you're at it, folks. I just started The Emperor's Edge myself and am thoroughly amused and impressed so far.)


  1. Thanks for guest posting, John! Let me know when you release the new book, and I'll add links to it in the post. :)

  2. It releases on Monday, friend! I timed this little publicity blitz to coincide with that.

  3. Yep, stalking one another is kind of redundant. But good.

    I will check out your guest blog/link.

    Consider yourself stalked. I will put up your post next week on my blog. Best wishes for a fantastic book launch.

  4. The writing is all-but-complete. I just finished the tweaking, gonna give a couple of sections one last OCD-induced look before submission.

    Which means that the book's fate is now in the hands of viewers like you. Let people know how much you enjoyed it, and the chances of it doing well go up exponentially. :)