Thursday, September 22, 2011

Important Announcement! (DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUUUN!)

So, my forthcoming novel is now  sitting at around 8k words.

But that's not the big announcement.

The big announcement is that I'm opening an opportunity for YOU to get a sample copy of the forthcoming new novel!

How do you do that, you ask?

Simple! Be the first person to convince ten other people to pick up either Weaver or The Antlerbury Tales. All ten do NOT have to pick up the same one -- any combination of the two that equals ten purchases will do!

So here's how you do it:
1.) You talk to your friends / family / mortal  enemies / whoever
2.) You convince them to buy my book or short story (or both)
3.) Have them forward me the e-mail purchase receipt that Amazon sends you after you buy something (I think Smashwords does too. If it doesn't, just let me know), and have them include your name as the person recommending me to their attention. PLEASE DELETE ANY CREDIT CARD INFORMATION ON THE RECEIPT. Send this to
4.) When someone gets to 10, I'll announce a winner.
5.) You e-mail me at so I have your address.
6.) I send you the prize!

Get it? Got it? Good. Go to it!

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